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Rotary Tree of Remembrance

The time has come again for the Rotary Tree of Remembrance to add to the magic of Christmas in Cork. The giant Christmas Tree has been erected outside BT in Patrick Street, where it will stand as a symbol and focus of the generosity of the people of Cork, from Saturday 9th of December until Christmas Eve.

The tree will be covered over the next couple of weeks with thousands of yellow ribbons, on which we can remember a loved one with handwritten messages, or express wishes for friends and family at home and abroad.


The Tree of Remembrance in Cork is run jointly by the Cork and Bishopstown Rotary clubs. Through the remarkable generosity of the people of Cork, it has raised more than one million euro over the past twenty years. All funds collected are distributed between a variety of deserving causes, such as Marymount, Cork Simon, Enable Ireland, Cork Cancer Care Centre, Cork Sexual Violence Care Centre and other local charities.

Please write a message on your own ribbon, or donate to support the wonderful charities.

If you can volunteer to help collect at the tree for a two hour stint, contact a member of Rotary at the tree, or to apply to 

Official opening tomorrow Saturday 9th December, at 1pm.



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