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Cork Rotary presentation to Marymount Hospice

The presentation of the cheque is part of the continuing support of Rotary in Cork for the great work that Marymount Hospice does for the people of Cork.

President of Cork Rotary, Mr. Tim O’Mahony presenting a cheque to Ms. Enid Conway of Marymount.

Ms. Conway in thanking the Rotary club, outlined the scope of this work. Marymount University Hospital & Hospice to give it its full title, provides specialist palliative care services and also services to care for dependent older people. Its origins date back to 1870 with its foundation by the Religious Sisters of Charity in Cork. The original hospital was on the grounds of the convent on Wellington Road, near St. Lukes Cross, now occupied by Griffith College and Educate Together secondary school.

Marymount relocated in 2011 to purpose-built, modern, high-quality facilities in Curraheen, Cork. With more than 300 staff, Marymount Hospice serves as a centre for coordinating the delivery of specialist palliative care services across all care settings in Cork. Their services are consultant-led and comprise: a 44 bed in-patient palliative care specialist unit; an Out-patient department; Community-based services and; inpatient care for those with high dependency, including Long term care, Respite care and Palliative support.

Rotary in Cork has had a very strong link with Marymount, particularly since the inception of the Rotary Tree of Remembrance. The giant Tree festooned with yellow ribbons of remembrance has become synonymous with Christmas in Cork and is run jointly by the Cork and Bishopstown clubs. It is scheduled to be in place outside BT in Patrick Street again this year from 9th to 24th of December. Through the remarkable generosity of the people of Cork, it has been the major annual fundraiser for the work of both clubs. All funds collected are distributed between a variety of deserving local charities, such as Marymount. Rotary in Cork are asking anybody who can volunteer to help collect at the tree for a two hour stint, to contact a member of Rotary or to apply to stating your interest.

There are three active Rotary Clubs in Cork, the original Rotary club of Cork which was formed in 1926 and Rotary club of Bishopstown and Rotary club of Douglas which were formed subsequently.

Our global Rotary network of 1.4million members and their friends volunteer their skills and resources to help with important issues worldwide, as well as addressing various local community needs. There is huge power to do good for societies all over the world, when you aggregate the numbers. The 1.4million members contribute an estimated 47million volunteer hours and €300million each year. }

All of this effort goes to support sustainable projects such as: Ending Polio; Promoting Peace; Providing Clean Water, Supporting Education; Protecting the Environment and Disaster Response.

Cork Rotary Club meets every Monday at 6.15pm – 7.45pm in the Gresham Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street, Cork. Meetings might have a guest speaker on a particular topic of interest, or be a general club meeting, focused on the planning of some of the many diverse projects that the club is involved in. We usually have dinner during the meeting and anyone wishing to join our club will be very welcome. Just email stating your interest. He will be happy to explain more about our club and what it means to join the worldwide Rotary movement in general.



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