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Clean Water for Cambodia

A Clean Water Project in collaboration with the Melbourne Rotary Club

Since 2021 the club has partnered with an Australian registered charity - Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project. The charity is involved in the provision of clean water pumps and sanitary toilets to impoverished families in rural Cambodia.

In 2021 the charity focussed on Kok Tnoth village, situated approximately 15 kilometres from SIem Reap which serves as a gateway to the world famous Temples of Angkor Wat. In 2022 the charity focussed on the adjoining village of Kok Benh.

To date the club has funded the construction of fifteen septic tank toilets for fifteen families in the two villages to provide healthy and sanitary toilet and washing facilities. The club has also funded the provision of five communal water pumps in the villages

In addition, in 2021, in light of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic the club agreed with Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project to divert part of its contribution to the provision of emergency food parcels to village families who would normally find work in the tourist industry in Siem Reap.

In 2023 the club has partnered with its sister club in Central Melbourne in a Global Grant Application to greatly expand and fund the work of Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project

The first toilet funded by the club was constructed in 2021 and gifted to the family of  Kuhn and Yeuy and their three children. The photo montage, from the initial photos where  Kuhn is standing on the site selected for the installation, to the final photo which shows Kuhn at the door of her new toilet, records the construction process.

Project Gallery

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