Hand Over 2021/22

Author: Eugene Currivan
2021-09-27 17:48:23

Outgoing President Tim Murphy welcoming incoming President Willie O'Brien for  new year 2021/22


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Author: Eugene Currivan
2021-06-11 17:53:43

Donations to Barnardos - Brighter Futures, Knocknaheeney, Cork City 2020/21

Prior to Christmas 2020 our club donated vouchers to this worthy cause and following the collection of donations, from the public, at our Rotary Tree of Remembrance a further cheque was gifted to the centre. 




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Tree of Remembrance 2020

Author: Eugene Currivan
2021-03-10 16:35:28

2020 was a remarkable year for the Rotary Club of Cork's flagship project - The Rotary Tree of Remembrance.

Not just because of the challenges that Covid-19 posed, for all charities, but because in the face of

those challenges the Roary Club of Cork, our club, developed  a Rotary Tree of Remembrance Computer App

which assisted with fund raising during the pandemic and will serve the needs of funraising into the future.

The project also necessitated the design and construction of a new hut to facilitate the needs of Covid-19 health

restrictions to protect both those making donations and the Rotary volunteers. In the face of adversity

the Rotary Club of Cork demonstrated its versatility and adaptability, once again, and with the help

and generosity of the peole of Cork raised greatly needed funds for local charities. 

Ní neart go chur le chéile.


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Cambodia Project 2021

Author: John Foyle
2021-03-10 15:31:47

The photo montage, from the initial photos where Kuhn is standing on the site selected

for the installation, to the final photo which shows Kuhn at the door of her new toilet records

the construction process.

In 2021 the club partnered with an Australian registered charity - Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project. The charity is involved in the provision of clean water pumps and sanitary toilets to impoverished families in rural Cambodia. At present the charity is focussing on Knok Toth village, situated approximately 15 kilometres from SIem Reap which serves as a gateway to the world famous Temples of Angkor Wat.

The club has agreed to fund the construction of six septic tank toilets for six families in the village to provide healthy and sanitary toilet and washing facilities. The club is also funding the provision of two communal water pumps in the village.

In addition, in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic the club has agreed with Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project to divert part of its contribution to the provision of emergency food parcels to village families who would normally find work in the tourist industry in Siem Reap.

The first toilet funded by the club was recently constructed and gifted to the family of Kuhn and Yeuy and their three children. The photo montage, from the initial photos where Kuhn is standing on the site selected for the installation to the final photo which shows Kuhn at the door of her new toilet records the construction process.

Continuation of Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project, April 2021.

Photographic sequence below illustrates the completed installation of a club funded clean water bore and pump for the family of Sai and Mom and their daughter in Kok Troth village.

The location of the pump is agreed with the family. Mom and her daughter are seen standing on the site where the pump will be located. Photos of the site are taken from different angles to facilitate later installation.

The drilling is done manually. Water is pumped down the centre of the drill rods, emerging as a jet. It then returns up the borehole bringing with it cuttings and debris. The washing and cutting of the formation is helped by rotation and the up-and-down motion of a hand auger.

When the hole is drilled the casing is then lowered into the bore hole. Around Siem Reap the casing pipe is about 25 metres into the ground. The casing isolated poor water zones and allows the development of higher quality ground water in deeper formations. The slots in the casing allow the water to enter. 

A drop pipe is then lowered inside the casing pipe to about a meter above the slotted screen and is connected to the above ground pump.

Water is drawn through the drop pipe when the manual pump is operated.

The concrete slab provides a hygienic platform for the family to use when cleaning and washing.. A ‘food trap’ catches any waste to prevent contamination.


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International Project

Author: John Foyle
2020-04-24 10:14:33

Webpage layout : Eugene Currivan

In 2020 our Club continues its partnership with Global Village Housing (GVH) to provide housing for very poor families in rural Cambodia. The partnership began in 2017 and to date four houses have been funded by our Club. All the houses have been located in the province of Kampong Chhnang, which is approximately two hours drive north of the capital, Phnom Penh.
The most recent house was constructed and gifted on March 11. One of our Club members, John Foyle, attended the construction and the gifting ceremony.
The beneficiary was a family of six, including four daughters under 6 years of age. The father works as a local fisherman. The family was forced to vacate its old home as the property was deemed to be an illegal dwelling, due to its location, close to the riverbank. The house was due to be demolished and the family could not afford to fund alternative accommodation. GVH, through its network of local contacts, identified the family as being deserving of support and our Club was happy to act on that recommendation.
The contract terms under which the house was gifted included agreement that the house would not be sold or used as collateral and that the children would all attend school.
It is gratifying to feel that the Club’s decision to support this family is likely to be of significant and long term benefit to the family members. Some pictures of the project below.







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